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5th-Sep-2010 10:49 pm - Character Relations
Harry Dresden: Knowledgeable about comics and a take-charge sort of guy. Also: wizard. Good to go to.
Franky: Some strange sort of respect for the man, even if he is completely off his nut.
Brook: ...Franky's insane undead friend. Decent sort of guy.
Sanji: Complete jerk. Still, he's one of Franky's.
Kitty Pryde: ...brb taping up the fourth wall.
Etna: She fourth-walls harder than he does, and he's actually a bit impressed by this. Partners in mischief and mild trolling, maybe?

Thomas Raith: White Court Vampire and a bit of a smartass. Carries a huge gun. Probably Pretty dang good in a fight. Dangerous when he's hungry; still very much considered an ally and a buddy. Known as Shirt.
Karrin Murphy: Smart and a go-to for this city. She's a tough woman. He calls her by her first name, if only because she's never corrected him.
The Doctor: SWEET MOTHER OF SUPERMAN THE DOCTOR'S HERE brb fanboying forver
...actually, he's been admirably coherent and hasn't fourth-walled the time lord yet. He does want to trade theories with him, however.

John Taylor: Another smart, intriguing guy with good ideas. A good go-to for information.
Winry Rockbell: Honestly, a girl he's been talking with. She seems pretty quick on the uptake; she also seems like she might need to be protected from supernatural stuff for a bit, before she gets used to it.
Link: ...it's Link. The kid's pretty capable, though that's not really a surprise.
Terra: Linkara's come to consider him a good friend. The guy needs to be punched out of the occasional depressive funk every once in a while, but he's solid and honorable and honestly, that's kind of refreshing, even if he is dumb as a sack of rocks sometimes. He's the first person in the city that Linkara would ask to back him up in a fight. Linkara may have also inherited a Keyblade from him, mod approval pending.
Clare Edwards: She's a smart kid. Linkara doesn't know her much better than that.
Axel: Snark buddies forever.
Yazoo: Weird, even by Linkara's scale. Needs to grow a sense of humor.
Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk: brb taping up the fourth wall again Just as awesome in real life as she is in comics. They've gotten to know each other pretty well, and Linkara definitely considers her a friend.
Vin: She's a complete badass. He's kind of amazed. At the same time, he considers her a friend and, at times, feels almost bigh-brotherly to her. Just a bit. Most of the time, she's entirely self-sufficient and awesome and he's good with that.
Yue Ayase: Bit of a know-it-all, but he can tell she means well. He thinks.
Sora: He seems pretty cool. Linkara doesn't know him all that well.
Aqua: Terra's friend and obviously the common sense of the operation. Linkara likes her for that and for her competence; he's not entirely certain she likes him, though.
Master Eraqus: Linkara made a pretty terrible first impression with him and still hasn't really repaired it.
Deadpool: Much facepalming was had.
5th-Sep-2010 10:39 pm - How's My Driving?
Just what it says on the tin: how am I doing with Linkara? Drop me a line and let me know.

Anon commenting is OFF (I prefer to actually talk with people); comment screening is ON.
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