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iamaman_punch's Journal

15 January
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Character Name: Linkara
Series: Atop the Fourth Wall
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20s
Species: Human

Appearance: Linkara looks like a pretty average guy, all things considered. He stands at around average height, has brown eyes and short brown hair, and always wears glasses, along with a distinctive brown trilby hat and brown coat, usually over a collared shirt (left open) and a dark tee shirt under that. He doesn't look particularly imposing.

Until you get to the flintlock pistol (known as the magic gun) and the Power Rangers-esque morpher (fully functional) that he always carries. Things start looking a little less average then.

Personality: Linkara is best known for his sense of humor, which is snarky, sarcastic, and pretty dry, relying quite a bit on pop culture references. That sense of humor is his first line of defense against just about anything. Evil nemesis shows up? Snark at him. Robot from an alternate future comes back to try to kill you? Snark at him. Subsequently, shoot him, get on with your all-important comic review, and have the epic battle after the review is over when he wakes up…but snark at him first.

Of course, that snark snaps every once in a while. Excessively stupid comics or people can cause him to fly into a top-volume rant. Misogyny does the same thing, actually, though he rarely ever swears – he finds more creative ways to express himself.

Despite the fantastic amount of snark, however, he does have a loyal side. He teams up with people pretty well, and he’s more than willing to fight (or review bad media) alongside or for his friends. Of course, he occasionally fights with his friends, but hey – that’s a lot of snark and some very big egos (Critic) in a very small space. It’s expected.

Overall, Linkara has a clearly defined sense of right and wrong, usually seen when criticizing the skewed morals of 90s comic book antiheroes, he values his friends and allies, and he’s willing to help fight their battles as well as his own. Of course, to see any of this, you first have to get past the snark.

History: Not much is known about Linkara’s early history. He must have gotten into comic books somehow, because he’s been making a point of doing weekly comic book reviews for a while now. He also must have obtained the magic gun from somewhere, but the back story behind that still remains unknown. He also managed to make friends with fellow reviewer Spoony and become the hated nemesis of Dr. Insano, Spoony’s evil alter ego.

…don’t ask.

During a particularly fateful review in which Dr. Insano forced Linkara to look over Warrior #1, the good doctor decided it would be a fantastic idea to screw around with dimensional continuity. This allowed the villain that would be known as Mechakara, an alternate universe version of Linkara’s robot sidekick Pollo. Mechakara had killed the Linkara of his dimension, took on his skin as a disguise (…ew), and came to Linkara’s dimension with the intent of killing Linkara and all organic life, giving rise to a dimension of dominant machinery. After messing with Insano for a bit, Mechakara tormented Linkara from the shadows for almost a year, setting traps that Linkara managed to evade or destroy, before finally revealing himself. A tough battle ensued, and it was Pollo that finally managed to finish off Mechakara.

Or so he thought. Mechakara managed to drag himself away and ran into Insano, who destroyed him in revenge for Mechakara forcing him to cut his hair.

…no, seriously. That’s the reason.

Unfortunately, the damage done by Insano’s dimensional experiments still wasn’t repaired, and a new villain came down the line: Linksano, a Linkara from yet another dimension who was saddled with the Insano alternate personality. He also caused Linkara quite a bit of trouble, going so far as to disable the Continuity Alarm, a tool Linkara used for reviews.

Somewhere during this time, Linkara was roped into a plan to take over the micro nation of Molossia, a harebrained scheme that worked for all of a week before things fell apart internally and we returned to our regularly scheduled programming.

Linksano quickly gave way to another villain, however. He got in contact with Linkara one final time, warning him that Lord Vyce, conqueror and destroyer of dimensions, was on his way to Linkara’s dimension before bailing. Before Linkara could ask any questions, Vyce’s transporter beam locked onto him, pulling him out of his reality. Instead of arriving on a transdimensional ship, however, Linkara landed under a giant metal bean in the middle of Chicago.

Oh, well. Stranger things had happened.

Supernatural Abilities: The ability to make snippets of any hilariously appropriate song play by pointing expectantly at the ceiling. (This has absolutely zero bearing on anything - I just want to use it for video posts every once in a while.) Aside from that, nothing.

Natural Abilities: Linkara is adept in a fistfight - he needs to be, with the enemies he seems to accrue as time goes on. He can hold his own, and his most effective tactic is a heavy gut punch, prefaced with a loud "I am a man!"> for best effect. He is also a skilled marksman - magic gun, anyone? - and has an affinity for weaponry in general, given his incredibly wide arsenal and propensity towards picking up any old thing and using it to cause damage (for example, beating Pyramid Head about the helmet with a convenient metal pole). If it can be used as a weapon, he will probably figure out how and do his best to make it Super Effective.

Additionally, Linkara is incredibly genre savvy; it comes from reading so many comic books. In a horror movie scenario, he'd be one of the first people to realize that he was in the horror movie and would then do everything in his power to figure out just what sort of horror movie scenario it was and the best way to 1) subvert it, 2) get out of it, and/or 3) shoot it until it stops moving. What this means in Second City is that he'll be warier of things he has no experience with and figure them out quicker than other offworlders. For example, in dealing with fae, he'd talk with them, but he'd be careful and would definitely not ask for anything or accept anything they have to offer - not because he knows about TDF fae (he wouldn't), but because fae are generally depicted as wily and not-necessarily-trustworthy figures. "Everything I need to know in life I learned from comic books" basically describes Linkara.

As a final note, because of the world he's from and what he does for a living, he will recognize characters from canons he is familiar with (major comic books/publishers, Doctor Who, Power Rangers, etc). He will not, however, say anything to them about being fictional in his world - it will be more of a mental monologue thing ("I'm talking with the Doctor. The Doctor. ...huh.").

Possessions: Usually, Linkara has an extensive arsenal, including a Green Ranger Dagger, a gatling gun, a fully functional Sonic Screwdriver, and Pyramid Head in a Pokeball, among other items. Unfortunately for him, given that he was grabbed completely by surprise at the end of a review, the only items he has on him are the magic gun and his morpher.

The magic gun looks, for all intents and purposes, like a flintlock pistol. Its ammunition is a bit different, however: instead of shooting bullets, it alternates between shooting what look like lasers and shooting what look like plasma balls. The mechanics and history of the magic gun have not yet been revealed, but so far it works as a destructive force; it’s nowhere near enough power to level a building, but it still packs a pretty good punch.

The morpher allows Linkara to go from a more casual form to Internet Reviewer form. It’s more of an energy boost than anything else – he’s used it to recover from injuries sustained in battle, or to help him out in a tougher battle than he’s used to. It’s basically a Get Out Of Getting Your Ass Kicked Free card. In Chicago, since the morpher is half tech (and half magic…it’s weird), it will short out or simply not function at inopportune times. Instead of working 100% of the time, it will work 50-75% of the time.

[This is a RP journal for secondcityrpg played by yamikonumber7. Linkara and Atop the Fourth Wall belong to Lewis Lovhaug and are used with creator's permission. All events in this journal are fictional; any resemblance to real events is pretty unfortunate, given that events in The Dresden Files tend to screw over the involved persons pretty badly.]